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Design &
Objects Association

D&O is a platform which curates together some of the best brands and designers from Thailand.

In 1999, when the Thai economy plummeted and started the Asian financial crisis, a group of designers started to design, manufacture, and export their own branded products. And designers from 9 firms formed a group called “Design & Objects” and exhibited in that year's Bangkok International Gift Fair (BIG).

The focus was to showcase their new designs to international buyers and to encourage even more Thai designers to design products and manufacture them at a good and consistent quality to meet international standards.

Today, the loosely formed group had legally registered as an association as “The Design & Objects Association”. The new association has more than 60 company members; many owners have design backgrounds such as architects, interior designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, and even engineers. The group has built a solid reputation for fresh designs and product quality in both the local and international markets.

The association members exhibit in major international trade shows held in Thailand and other main international trade fairs. 

Our Objective



For manufacturers to see the importance of design development and promote good design.

Raising awareness in design, product development, focusing on quality to be at the international level that is able to compete in foreign markets for Thailand's objectives.


Resist counterfeiting of products both inside and outside the country.
Cooperation between the government and the private sector in enhancing export potential by focusing mainly on design work.


Encourage designers to pay more attention to the export business.
To jointly develop and promote the image of Thai products to be unique and of high standard with an emphasis on the improvements of design development and for Thai creativity to be accepted internationally.

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